Move Over Police, Cluster-Funk is here!

The only thing missing was Simon Cowell saying, "You’ve outdone yourself."  Perhaps those attending this year’s Microsoft TechEd and last night’s performance by Cluster-Funk were treated to one of the rarest of performances.

As the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and Byte and Switch had noted in the build up to the band’s performance, the band brings a rare blend of talent and practice, "blending bold guitar work and cutting-edge jams." 

While everyone waits in anticipation for the inevitable parade of this year’s American Idol performers over the summer, perhaps those that deserve watching are those individuals within companies that take their love of music to new levels.  As we all know, it’s hard enough to balance work priorities with outside interests but when you have the opportunity to mix the best of both worlds, everyone wins.

While there are a few at the agency here who have a similar love of music, the balance of work and outside interests is something we all take pride on at LP&P. 

With that said, we’d love to hear if you know of other bands similar to Cluster-Funk that combine the right mix of high-tech executives and lovers of music rocking in the real world.