Beyond the Hype Bloggers

Lois Paul

Team_l_paulThe agency founder who still thinks of herself as
part-journalist from the early days of her career atComputerworld and eWEEK (which she helped found!) and
who often carries the torch to defend good PR practitioners when the entire
profession is attacked or its demise is prematurely predicted. Follow @boslfp on
 or read her recent posts.

Anastasia Eftratios

Team_a_efstratiosAnastasia is creative, pushes the envelope, and doesn’t like
the word “no.” To her, that means “not now.” It drives her to think of a better
hook that may resonate. Anastasia gets most excited when her teams land great
placements because at the end of the day she knows her clients want results
that tell their story to their target audience. Strong opinions, and executives who aren’t afraid to
share them, are her favorite weapons in PR. Follow @anastasia5873
on Twitter
 or read her recent posts.

Bill McLaughlin

Team_b_mclaughlinAn industry and agency veteran who is well respected among
his colleagues, clients and influencers for being smart, strategic and telling
it like it is while maintaining the fabled McLaughlin charm. He brings
great insights into industry moves and trends from his years of experience in
marketing and PR and always manages to interlace these with fun pop culture
references — not surprising for the leader of a killer Trivia Team at the
agency. Follow @billmcl on
 or read his recent posts.

Carol Hanko

Team_c_hankoIn addition to giving us the Austin, Texas view of the
industry and the world, she also has a depth of knowledge in the clean tech
marketplace, as well as the semiconductor and security industries. No matter how complicated the technology, Carol is good at making it relevant to the media, transforming clean room static control technology into a national business story. A
former journalist like Lois, Carol brings a writer’s eye to industry events and
trends. Follow @Carol_Hanko on Twitter or read her recent posts.

Christine Simeone

Team_c_simeoneChristine, known to many as ‘cas,’ joined LPP in 1994 to
practice her passion for helping technology companies tell their story in plain
English. Christine is a geek at heart. Cybersecurity, telecom and the smart
grid fascinate her. In addition to being a translator, if you will, Christine
has counseled clients through the communication of many financial ups and downs
and helped them expand their PR programs outside the US. Follow @CASimeone on
 or read he recent posts.

Don Jennings

Team_d_jenningsOur road warrior communicator who always has several
channels open and operating 24/7. Whether he is delving into the storage
market, where his knowledge and insights rival anyone’s on the planet, or
pointing out the latest interesting development or trend in communications,
which he cares about passionately, he always has an interesting view to
share. Follow @djenningspr
on Twitter
 or read his recent posts.

Melissa Zipin

Team_m_zipinMelissa launched the healthcare practice at LPP in 2005 and
never looked back. In true rebel fashion, she’s notorious for challenging every
healthcare company and exec to wow her with a new and compelling story that won’t
bore the overburdened healthcare media – and helps every one of them get it
right. When she’s not focusing on the latest news in health reform or
accountable care, Melissa is passionately rooting for the Patriots (but mostly
Bill Belichick), creating jewelry and recounting lyrics from obscure Pink
Floyd. Read her recent posts.