Blurring the Lines in the Blogosphere

There was an interesting development in the story on Bear Sterns and the difficulties surrounding two of its hedge funds.  The New York Times ran this story on how Richard Martin, the person running the division that managed the funds had blogged about dealing with this and his life on Wall Street on his personal blog.

What is interesting here is how this personal blog written for his friends and family has made its way into mainstream media and provides an element to this unfolding story at Bear Stearns.  Was his post meant for only his friends and family, or was it a more calulated move to shed some light on his perspective for a wider audience?  Who knows for sure?  If you go to his blog you will see that it’s open to “invited” readers only.

But what is the broader lesson to be learned in this?  I think it’s about understanding what is the level of transparency you are comfortable with as a blogger.  If you are blogging on a personal level, where do you draw the line, particularly as it relates to work?  If you are blogging on a more corporate basis should you avoid revealing too much about your personal life or principles?  These are questions that you should ask yourself as a blogger and review every time you are about to hit that publish button.