Come Together

Almost a year ago we celebrated our 20th anniversary as an agency with a great party for long-term clients and friends of the agency at Fenway Park. It was a fun, feel-good event which included current employees and a number of former employees who have remained connected to us as clients, contractors and affiliates/partners. Given the celebration was a mix of former and present clients, journalists and employees, it made us think how great it would be to do something just for our former employees, much like my old colleagues at eWeek do reunions and Lotus,which recently held a successful 25th year reunion.

But what if you throw a reunion and nobody comes? Oh, the horror! So we did the smart thing that we always recommend to our clients — test the theory first — and surveyed our former employees (at least the ones we could still find). An overwhelming number (72%) responded and only one of the responses was negative about staying in touch or attending any kind of a reunion. Paging through the comments from past employees was fun, as some offered other ideas regarding get-togethers.

It’s nice to know that a good community is a moveable feast — they may have fanned out to other places and other careers, but they still are interested and open to regrouping and sharing memories and ideas. 

The next step is to make it all happen. Stay tuned.