End of an Era

For years, those of us who worked both with StorageTek and then Sun Microsystems after the acquisition, helped to educate many in the media and analyst community on the evolution of tape within backup and archive for the enterprise. 

Sure, tape was and continues to be an easy thing to bash.  Just ask those few companies profiled in news articles the past few years when a DLT or LTO tape holding valuable information is "misplaced, lost or stolen."

However, throughout the media and analyst discussion, Robert C. Abraham, founder and author of Freeman Reports, stood as one of a few that followed all the breaking developments, tracking all the major players’ market position and product innovations.  So it comes as a blow to many of us who’ve dealt with Bob over the past few years that he lost his battle to cancer last month.

Jo Maitland’s obituary of Bob for SearchStorage covers just some of why Bob was such an influential analyst.  As Dianne McAdam, analyst at GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. noted:

Bob was a quiet, soft-spoken guy with a tremendous understanding of the tape industry…This is the loss of a great person and a great service.

His passing also puts closure to what had been happening already within the industry analyst community — a shift from focus on developments within tape such as library automation, 1TB tape drives, drive formats to technologies impacting tape such as VTLs, VTEs, encryption, removable disk, and MAID to name a few.

Sadly, Freeman Reports will not survive Bob’s passing.