Making the World a Quieter Place

You know that technology has reached into all corners of everyday life when you find yourself recommending a product you represent as a PR person when you are on a weekend away with friends.

During a soggy, but very fun women’s weekend in New Hampshire, when I joined a subset of the group for an early breakfast on Saturday morning, they were in the middle of a discussion of the problems many had had the night before getting any sleep.  It turns out one of the women, a wonderful person, has a serious snoring problem and the noise was going right through the walls of the lodge and keeping several roomfuls of people awake.  The woman herself acknowledged the issue, so I took a deep breath and approached her separately to tell her about one of our clients, Restore Medical, which has created The Pillar Procedure that is designed to help both snoring and sleep apnea disorders.  I told her that I’m certainly no expert, but that she could ask her doctor about it.  Many doctors have been trained to do the procedure in their office.  She can plug her zip code into a box at the top right of The Pillar Procedure web site and find a doctor near her who can do this.  What I could attest to was the patient testimonials she could review on the web site as well.  I recall some people had found they could dream for the first time in years because they finally were getting really good sleep.  The woman in question commented to me that she never remembers dreaming.  She’s a great candidate.

I took the liberty of alerting our Restore team to help her find docs near her to check this out.  Here’s hoping this works out for her.  I’ll be very popular next year if it does.

Some days being a PR person is more rewarding than others.