My Time as an Intern at LPP

My time as an intern at lpp

When it comes to internships in public relations there is a common misconception of “quantity over quality.” I remember sitting down with my college advisor one afternoon a couple of years ago as he explained to me that getting hired after college can be dependent on the number of internships I had racked up during my college years. I immediately left the room in a panic, logged on to our campus hiring page, and applied to every opportunity that was listed, regardless of my qualifications, which was a COLOSSAL mistake.

Fast forward to my senior year at The University of Texas at Austin, and one of the greatest opportunities I took on has been interning at Lois Paul and Partners. LPP has shown me that the number of internships you were able to check off during under-grad doesn’t matter; rather it’s about the quality of the internships you decided to take on. I have learned never to shy away from voicing my opinion, or making a suggestion at LPP. I was never asked to fetch coffee or file paperwork; I was treated as a full time employee and a valued member of the team.

When I began my internship at LPP, I had no prior knowledge of the tech industry. I remember scrolling through digital folder upon folder on my first day, hoping I would form a photographic memory so that terms such as: the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, STEM, ADAS, and IoT Security, would instantly make perfect sense to me. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It took researching, writing, and continuous practice with using and hearing these terms for them to sink in, and for me to realize how interesting the topics really were. Working in PR, I could never have imagined I would gain IT skills in the process. In today’s age of technology, LPP has provided me constructive insight into an up-and-coming industry, and provided me with powerful knowledge that I couldn’t have gained anywhere else.

I will never have to endure that awkward moment during a future interview, when asked, “what did you do while interning at LPP,” where I sit there twiddling my thumbs until a stream of word vomit finally comes from my mouth, explaining how I didn’t do much, but I still deserve to be hired. No. LPP gave me the skills to rock any interview post-grad and I feel confident in my new-found skill set. My colleagues taught me how to create briefing docs, track editorial calendars, use Cision to create press lists, utilize Muck Rack to research reporters and find impressions, write and send pitches, take notes on client and internal calls, and so much more. This internship has provided much hands-on experience, which has greatly added value to my learnings from The University of Texas.

Wrapping up my time as an intern with the LPP team tomorrow and looking back, I am so thankful for the skills learned, the mentorship provided, and the friends made. Interested in taking an internship at LPP, in either one of the Austin or Boston offices? LPP is  hiring! Check out the open positions, here.