The Barry Bonds/Bud Selig PR Dilemma

As a baseball fan — okay, a Red Sox fan, which probably labels me a fan-atic — I have been watching with great interest the controversy surrounding Barry Bonds chasing Hank

Social Media — Austin Style

After four great days in Austin last week visiting our clients and friends and working with our great team there, I got my best laugh of the week passing El Arroyo,

Prison for a Day

Early this week, we met with two different client executives that were emotionally impacted after participating in a volunteer program for prison inmates last week in Texas. The program is called

Is the Blog the New Chat Room?

For years, public companies have been aware of chat rooms where investors  kibitz about anything they thought was wrong with a company. Sometimes there would be virtual high-fiving, but it was

Corporate blogging best practices

Heather Havenstein has a great article in this week’s Computerworld.  It is about how companies are using their official blogs to cover topics that — on the surface — don’t appear

Protecting Little Miss Sunshine

There is a sweet scene in last year’s hysterical film "Little Miss Sunshine" where the title character stands in line to meet Miss California and gets the advice she is looking