East vs. West

Catching up on reading over some holiday downtime, I eagerly digested last week’s Red Herring (on the beach, good old-fashioned print still works the best!).  The cover story explored the notion

This is NOT about the iPhone

I thought that might get your attention.  Even the humor in fakestevejobs (which is brilliant) isn’t enough to make up for the ridiculous overkill.  But I digress. Reading the July 2

Blurring the Lines in the Blogosphere

There was an interesting development in the story on Bear Sterns and the difficulties surrounding two of its hedge funds.  The New York Times ran this story on how Richard Martin,

iPhone, YouPhone, Weallphone?

Willyouphone? It’s an understatement to say the iPhone has lots of buzz in the media. It seems every major newspaper and business publication has published multiple articles, including a photo spread

As the Healthcare Industry Turns

I’m sure I’m not alone in my opinion that most healthcare conferences follow the “soap opera” model. Much like story lines in “Guiding Light” or “As the World Turns,” you may

Blogging is the “Coffee Talk” of your Brand

I just saw an email preview of Jupiter’s recent research by Emily Riley on "Maximizing Blogs: Fostering Brand Advocacy" and it brought up some thought-provoking points about how many advertisers maintain