Move Over Police, Cluster-Funk is here!

The only thing missing was Simon Cowell saying, "You’ve outdone yourself."  Perhaps those attending this year’s Microsoft TechEd and last night’s performance by Cluster-Funk were treated to one of the rarest

Taking the offensive

Say what you will about Andrew Speaker, the Atlanta lawyer who traveled abroad and then back into the U.S. with T.B., but you have to give him credit for getting his

The numbers talk: What to make of blogs?

In speaking with clients about how to think about blogs, blog monitoring and blogger relations, the most common sentiment I hear is, "OK, we know there are people out there blogging

Ah, YouthTube!

The D5 (All Things Digital) conference last week in Carlsbad will be remembered most for the reunion of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  It was an interesting (if slightly sacharine) trip

Social Networking Grows Up

It’s very interesting watching the depth and breadth of the analysis following Facebook’s event yesterday in San Francisco. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that most