Speaking of Branding

It took me 21 years, but I finally have my name in lights — as part of the agency’s name, of course.  Having survived the downturn and passed our 20th anniversary last year, we decided to finally put our name on our building at our Woburn, MA headquarters.  After all, when your day job is helping your clients successfully build and promote their brands, a great case study is the care and feeding of your own brand.

The sign was installed today and it looks great.  A small group of us just gathered in the heat of the parking lot to check it out.  But about those lights…they are not quite ready yet.  The official lighting ceremony and a fun party for our team is slated for next Thursday afternoon, July 26.  Want to join us to celebrate?  Let us know.

Img_0145_3 Img_0146

And if you happen to be driving North on Rte. 93 in Woburn, MA, let us know how the sign looks from the road.