These Times They Are A Changing…

March used to be the month of Madness but perhaps June is the new month of madness.

Take the changes in the media and storage trade show landscape for example. This month should have marked the annual passage for vendors and customers at Long Beach, California for Storage World Conference. Many of us used to wait to see who would keynote the event, who would be hosting a party at the Queen Mary or who would launch a new product. More importantly, many of us would go with anticipation to see who would garner the coveted SWC ASNP/InfoStor MVP Award or Storage Connection Industry ACE Award.

Also, last week marked a changing of the guard at CMP Publications. The shift from print to online continues with CMP announcing it’s folding Network Computing and Optimize into InformationWeek and folding SysAdmin into Dr. Dobb’s Journal. Also, CRN moves from publishing three times a month to twice, while VARBusiness will now publish once a month.

Why should we care? For two reasons. First, CMP follows on the heels of other publications, particularly those in the storage market, which have shifted from print to online. Computer Technology Review and InfoStor in particular. Second, the balance between print and online continues to challenge publishing houses.  More importantly, there are editors, reporters, colleagues and friends who have been impacted.

And words do little to cover how personal the changes have become. Perhaps one editor impacted by CMP’s restructuring summed it up best, “it has been very nice working with all of you over the years, and I do hope you’ll keep in touch.”