This Week In Social: August 1 – August 5


Happy Friday everyone! In this week’s social media recap we take a look at Facebook/Snapchat, LinkedIn Video, and Algorithm Changes. As always, don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments. Have a great weekend!



Facebook Clones Snapchat Once Again, But This Time Its Instagram

You’ve no doubt heard about this week’s most popular, and highly debated, new feature in social. Popular photo sharing app, Instagram, added a new feature called “stories” letting users post images and videos that would disappear in 24 hours. Sound familiar? In Facebook’s latest attempt to clone Snapchat, the company integrated these Snapchat-like features into the already successful Instagram. The hope is that Instagram accounts with large followings will embrace the new feature, taking some of the stress away from content creators worrying about getting all their followers to follow them on each network. There’s been heavy debate online, and in our office, about whether to embrace this new feature or ignore this obvious clone and stick to Snapchat. Let us know which one you prefer or if you think there is room for both.


Facebook Goes After Clickbait Articles With Another Algorithm Change

In a seemingly endless war against clickbait, Facebook has launched another algorithm change design to weed out posts with misleading headlines. TechCrunch reports “Facebook manually classified tens of thousands of headlines with a ‘clickbaitiness’ score to train the new algorithm. Rather than just assigning a binary “Yes clickbait” or “Not clickbait,” each story gets a score about how egregious it is. The algorithm primarily looks for phrases often used in clickbait headlines but not in legitimate headlines, similar to email spam filters.” According to Facebook, one of the top complaints they have are people annoyed by clickbait in their timelines. We’re interested to see how this impacts publishers and the overall health of the newsfeed.


LinkedIn Plays Catch Up With Video

LinkedIn announced that they would be bringing video to the platform, but sadly not for everyone. Users have had the ability to share videos from streaming sites like YouTube directly to the site, but LinkedIn’s new feature will now let users record and host video to LinkedIn directly. To kick things off, the professional network is opening video to the top 500 influencers on the site, allowing them to post 30-second videos. We’re happy to see LinkedIn experimenting with video and expect this feature to roll out to all users shortly!

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