This Week in Social: August 29 – September 2


Happy Friday everyone! In this week’s social media recap, we take a look at Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. As always, don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments. Have a great weekend!


Instagram Now Let’s You Pinch to Zoom on Photos

The days of squinting and taking screenshots just to see the details in your friends’ Instagram pictures is finally over. This week, Instagram added a long overdue feature, allowing users to pinch and zoom on photos in their feeds. This is not a groundbreaking innovation or feature that will change how we use the app forever, it’s just an ease-of-use feature that should’ve been added years ago. As the social network giants battle it out to compete for our attention, it’s nice to see features that improve the functionality of existing features, rather than the next cloneable app or monetization method.

YouTubers Panic Over “Ad-Friendly” Content Policy

Earlier this week, Many popular YouTubers took to the platform to express their worry and frustration about a possible new feature that could impact their bottom line. YouTube began sending notices to content creators telling them that a few of their videos had been flagged as “not advertiser friendly” and as a result, would make less money. The flagged videos included sexually suggestive content, violence, inappropriate language, drugs, and graphic content. Popular YouTuber Phil DeFranco, along with a few others, shared thoughts on Twitter claiming that YouTube was censoring its creators by hindering their ability to make money from content.

It’s been reported that a YouTube algorithm will flag these videos based on keywords and will place them in a separate ad bucket that advertisers can opt in and out of. Many advertisers don’t want their brand associated with “explicit” content, which is why YouTube created this algorithm, as an answer to that. It turns out that this “ad-friendly” flag has been a feature on YouTube for years, but the site recently began sending notices to creators to see if they would like to appeal. We’ll keep an eye on how this develops as YouTube continues to build rules and relationships with its creators.


Facebook Tells Advertisers to Speed Up Their Site or They Won’t Show Their Ads

This Wednesday, Facebook announced that it would start pre-fetching the contents of advertisers’ mobile websites, meaning it will store that content on Facebook servers for faster access when consumers click on an ad. Facebook has “found that people don’t stick around and wait for pages that take too long to display — 40% click away if a page takes three seconds to load, according to Facebook.” This is Facebook’s latest attempt at speeding up the way that content loads when users click on external links, the first after instant articles. Similar to instant articles, Facebook is asking advertisers to host more of their content directly on Facebook to speed up the process, and to keep users within the FB ecosystem. As always with every new Facebook feature, there are pros and cons. Advertisers will now be able to share their content faster, and consumers will spend less time waiting, however, Facebook will have more control over how both parties are consuming content that it doesn’t own. We’re interested to see how Facebook continues to change how the internet as a whole works.

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