This Week in Social: July 4 – July 8

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Happy Friday everyone! In this week’s social media recap we take a look at Snapchat Memories, secret Facebook conversations, and Instagram Analytics. As always, don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments. Have a great weekend!


Snapchat Ditches Rawness for Growth, Launches “Memories”

Earlier this week, Snapchat revealed a drastic new feature called ‘Memories’ that will potentionally change the way people communicate using the app. The new memories feature essentially lets you save snaps and stories inside snapchat, edit them, and send them again. These edits include changing filters, adding stickers, and text as well as combing snaps together for a longer story. The new features also enables users to post a snap using pictures and video from their camera roll. The new camera roll option is the biggest change brought on by this feature as it can potentially remove the “rawness” that made this app so successful in the first place. Before, users had to take photos and record video directly through the app and pairing that with the vanishing aspect of each post allowed the app to show true “slice of life” content. The move is an obvious attempt at securing new users from older demographics who find the UI distracting and the fleeting content pointless. Snapchat has introduced new features in the past that were thought to hurt the company but only helped propel it to stardom. We’re interested to see how this plays out for both users and Snapchat.


Facebook Introduces Encrypted Chat to it’s Facebook Messenger App

This morning, Facebook annouced it would be introducing a new feature to the Messenger app called “secret conversations”. The new feature “offers end-to-end encryption on some messages to be read only on the two mobile devices that users are communicating with. While it stops short of the full encryption that other messaging services like WhatsApp have adopted, it gives Messenger a heightened mode of security that Facebook hopes will attract global audiences to download the app,” says the NYT. This new feature is another sign of the high hopes Facebook has for their messaging platform and the potential is has to beat out aging methods like SMS. While this new feature is less relevant to businesses, it will be important to keep an eye on Messenger as a dominating network to watch.

Instagram New Logo

Instagram Launches Analytics Platform

On Tuesday, Instagram began introducing it’s new Insights feature to individual users. The Insights feature allows ordinary users to monitor the analytics of your account directly in the app.  Insights will then show your top posts, with information on followers, impressions, reach, and website clicks. The platform also allows users to set a specific time frame from 7 days to 2 years. This is an exciting new development for Instagram marketers as pulling actionable metrics for Instagram is often a difficult process. Let us know what you think of Instagram Insights in the comments.

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