This Week in Social: June 6 – June 10


Happy Friday everyone! In this week’s social media recap we take a look at Facebook Video Comments, a Twitter hack, and a Snapchat redesign. As always, don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments! Have a great weekend!


Facebook Adds More Video Content to the Network through Video Comment

This morning, Facebook announced that it will now allow users to leave videos in the comment section of posts. This is proof of Facebook’s strong belief in the power of video. The feature is currently only available on desktop but will be adding an app for iOS and Android shortly, joining Facebook’s growing video tools like Live, Facebook Video, and dynamic profile pics. We’re excited to see the kind of interactions this opens for users to interact with friends and brands, and how brands can interact with their fans.

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It Might Be Time to Change That Twitter Password

Late Wednesday, millions of Twitter credentials went up for sale on a hacker forum. Twitter is claiming they were not compromised, so where did the data come from? Jake Williams, founder of the cyber-security consultancy Rendition InfoSec suspects the “leak” comes from bad password hygiene, the result of people using the same password and email for multiple sites with less secure practices (Myspace and LinkedIn for example). Regardless of the source, this is a good reminder to change your passwords and activate two factor authentication, especially if you run corporate handles.



Snapchat Got a Massive Redesign, What Does That Mean for You?

Snapchat has once again redesigned its Discover platform. Snapchat Discover is a section of the app designated for news outlets to share content designed specifically for the Snapchat platform. The redesign removed the previous Discover format, which displayed circles at the top of the feed and has changed over to large boxes with previews of what can be found inside. The redesign also allows people to subscribe to their favorite publications, bringing them front and center each day. While Snapchat’s basic uses in the form of photos and videos is sky rocketing, this redesign is an obvious attempt at getting the Discover platform, and ads, in front of more people. Snapchat Discover offers a unique experience for publications and their readers and we’re excited to see the opportunities of this young platform.

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