This Week in Social: May 23 – May 27


Happy Friday everyone! In this week’s social media recap we take a look at Chewbacca mom, under sea wire and Twitter’s corporate structure. As always, don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments! Have a great labor day weekend!


Chewbacca Mom Viral Video Shatters Facebook Live Records

If you’ve been on Facebook at all these week, you’ve likely seen the latest viral video, chewbacca mom. Last weekend, Candice Payne, a woman from Florida, posted a Facebook live video of an amazing new toy chewbacca mask she bought and proceeded to put it on. Within days the video went viral, being viewed pwards of 71 million times and shared over 2 million times. You might be wondering how this completely random and unplanned video from a regular users becaome a smash hit. Taking a look at the situation, we believe this video found it’s incredible success for two reasons, the first being the genuine happiness expressed in this video, Candice is having a great time showing this off to her friends and it shows in her contagious laugh. People respond well to others they view as their peers and Candice fits the Facebook peer demographic spot on. The second reason is that this video was posted native to Facebook and there for had the algorithm working in it’s favor to climb the later faster than on YouTube. Why do you think Chewbacca mom became such a viral hit?


Facebook and Microsoft Are Building a Cable from Virigina to Spain

In a team effort to deliver fast online and cloud services to users, Facebook and Microsoft are building an undersea cable in the Atlantic Ocean. The cable will stretch 4,100 miles from Virigina Beach to Bilbao, Spain, provide bandwidth as high as 160 terabytes per second. Construction of the cable will begin in August and plans to be operational by October 2017. This is another sign of tech companies taking infrastructure into their own hands to bring the best possible options to their customers.


Two More Executives Leave Twitter

Another bell tolls for Twitter as two more Twitter executives leave the company. Jana Messerschmidt, head of business development, and Nathan Hubbard, head of media, are planning to leave. It’s not quite clear why they are leaving but it’s another important sign of the vulnerable position Twitter is in. Twitter is working to grow the company and find new revenue streams while reorganizing the corporate structure at the same time. The next few years will be instrumental in the long term success of the influential social network

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