This Week in Social: May 30 – June 3


Happy Friday everyone! In this week’s social media recap we take a look at Snapchat numbers, Instagram business profiles and LinkedIn analytics. As always, don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments! Have a great weekend!


Snapchat Surpasses Twitter in Daily Usage

This week, Snapchat announced it has reached 150 million daily users, making it more popular than Twitter. At one time, Twitter was the second most popular social network behind Facebook, but in recent years the network has been overtaken by Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and now Snapchat. While Twitter remains a incredibly popular social network and community for people to engage celebrities, businesses, and each other, this news brings up an interesting trait about social in 2016. For years, social networks have thrived on openess and the ability for users to share and create content that could be consumable by everyone. In recent years, due to privacy concerns and the permanence of the web, users began sharing less initimate content. Snapchats ability to disappear after a short time has caused more users to move to the network to share their inimate moments, feeling more comfortable that it will just go away. The next few years will be important for social networks as they mature into decade old brands and how learn their users choose to interact.


Instagram Gets Serious in it’s Relevance for Business

This week, Instagram announced tools for business will launch in the US, starting this month. New features for business profiles will include the ability for customers to call, text, or email straight from the account, a symbol on the profiles specifiying that they are a business, and insights/analytics. This is a big step for Instagram as the platform has remained ad-light over the last few years. Instagram opens a large market for brands looking to engage with their audience on a meaningful level using images.  The new profiles also makes it far easier for brands to run campaigns on the site and get real time feedback into how they’re doing. We’re excited to see what other features Instagram rolls out as it works to become more brand friendly.


LinkedIn Opens More Analytics for Users

In another attempt for LinkedIn to secure more premium users, the professional social network announced new additions to it’s premium service. User of the premium service can now gain insights into competitors like number of employees, job openings, and “notable alumni. This is an interesting move for LinkedIn as it’s a move to monetized the platforms data but at the same time revealing more data than companies may want. If LinkedIn is your main source for job listings and hiring practices, this new feature can reveal a lot about growth and future plans. On the flip side, this same information is revealed about all your comptetitors, creating an interesting dynamic for competitive monitoring. We’re interested to see how this changes the way companies use LinkedIn moving forward.

Honorable Mentions