This Week in Social: May 9 – May 13


Happy Friday the 13th everyone! In this week’s social media recap we take a look at Instagram analytics for business, Facebook 360-degree photos, and Instagram’s new re-design. As always, don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments!


Instagram is testing analytics for businesses

Last week, we got a glimpse of an early test of Instagram’s new profiles for business users. These profiles will feature large “contact” buttons, which make it easier to connect directly with the companies running the account. We’ve now learned that Instagram is working on a set of fairly advanced analytics for business posts, allowing users to learn more about who is engaging with their posts. These detailed analytics will be very similar to what Page managers see displayed on Facebook Insights, including an analysis of who your followers are with a demographic break down (such as sex, age, and location), and the average time your followers are on Instagram in a given day.

You’ll also be able to glean insight into your own posts’ performance. Impressions, a valuable metric, will be sortable by rank allowing businesses to get a look into how many users are viewing their posts and which posts are performing the best. This will eliminate the need to manually count likes and comments alone. Page owners will also have the capability to view statistics for an individual post’s reach and engagement, similar to the drill down capability within the Twitter Analytics platform. A launch date has not yet been set for these Instagram features, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the new features launched around the same time that the new business profiles roll out.


360-degree photos, not just video, will soon be shareable on Facebook

Facebook photos are about to get a lot more interactive. The social network will soon add support for 360-degree photos to its News Feed, as announced on Wednesday. The functionality of the new 360-degree photos will be similar to Facebook’s 360-degree videos (covered in a previous TWIS). Simply drag your finger (or cursor, if you’re on a desktop computer) across the screen in whichever direction you’d like to view or hold your phone at a different angle and you’ll get to enjoy a 360-view.

Panoramic shots captured via smartphone or scenes captured with a 360-degree specific camera will be supported by this feature. And just like 360-degree videos, these 360-degree images can be viewed via virtual reality (VR) headsets (take a peek back at a recent TWIS for more VR info). According to Facebook, VR video continues to be some of the most popular content, with 80% of Gear users watching videos. It will be interesting to see how this new 360-degree image capability pans out!

Instagram New Logo

Instagram unveils new logo, but it’s not quite picture perfect

On Wednesday, the Facebook-owned social network, announced that the Instagram brand will have a new look, from the top down. The company hinted at new changes a couple weeks ago, when it confirmed it was testing a new look. The design of the app itself has gotten a monochromatic makeover, and its suite of accompanying apps received new icons. Instagram took inspiration from its iconic Polaroid-inspired icon, but brought it into the world of flat design with a simple white outline and colorful gradient background.

In addition to the external “makeover,” the company has also simplified the interface by eliminating the blue header that was a part of Instagram’s branding. They’ve now opted for a basic black-and-white design with some color accenting for notifications, and likes. This new color scheme and layout is thought to reset focus on the photos and videos being shared.

The company states that the “Instagram community has evolved over the past five years from a place to share filtered photos to so much more. They now boast a global community of interests sharing more than 80 million photos and videos every day. A they noted in a statement, “Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become.” Opinion on social media from Instagram users is split; however, most users seem to be rejecting the new look, while those in the design business do seem to genuinely like it. We’re interested to see if users will get used to this new re-design, and forget all about the fact that there ever was a change or if Instagram will have an uprising on their hands. Check out the Instagram official re-design video below.

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