This Week in Social: September 19 – September 23


Happy Friday everyone! In this week’s social media recap, we take a look at the social presidential debates, Instagram’s 500,000 ad buyer milestone and Snaplytics. As always, don’t forget to share, let us know what you think in the comments, and have a great weekend.


Debates Get Social!

Monday, September 26th marks the first of three televised debates between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump, but voters won’t have to tune in to their TVs to catch the action! Facebook and Twitter recently announced that they will be live streaming each of the debates. Twitter will be streaming the debates with the help of Bloomberg, Facebook with the help of ABC. Each platforms’ goal is to get voters to turn off their televisions and watch the debates on social media while sharing their thoughts with their friends and followers. In addition to streaming the debates, Twitter announced the hashtags that will be used during the debate with the goal of having creating potential questions for the nominees. With debates and NFL games being streamed on social, what event will come next?


Instagram Hits 500,000 Ad Buyers

There’s been an incredible increase in the number of companies using Instagram ads to promote their products. Instagram, which started offering ad space in 2013, has seen their number of ad buyers double in the past six months with consumer-packaged goods, e-commerce, retail, entertainment, and technology as the industries using the most ad space. Instagram’s COO Marne Levine says that companies sharing ads on Instagram are seeing a clear benefit, with many of the companies seeing a 2% increase in sales. Facebook has not released Instagram’s ad revenue—but when they do, it will be interesting to see how Instagram ad sales stack up to Snapchat.


Snaplytics Launches New Influencer Tracking Program

Tracking analytics on Snapchat isn’t as easy as you’d think. As of now, the time-consuming process involves screenshotting story statistics before they expire. This doesn’t sound too tricky to the everyday user with 100 or so followers, but just imagine how difficult the process is for a company or an influencer that reaches millions. Snaplytics, who, for now, is not affiliated with Snapchat, hopes to make pulling analytics a bit less daunting. The company recently announced that the Snaplytics platform is able to remove the manual labor involved in tracking the success of stories. It’ll be interesting to see what influence (if any) this technology will have not only on other third party solutions providers but also on the way that influencers are able to gauge which content their followers are interested in and curate the type of content they post.

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