This Week in Social: September 5 – September 9


Happy Friday everyone! I am sorry to say this will be my final “This Week In Social,” but don’t fret, it’s a great one. In this week’s social media recap, we take a look at the Facebook newsfeed, LinkedIn Hashtags, and Snapchat Curation. As always, don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments. Have a great weekend!


How Facebook’s Newsfeed Works

It’s clear that Facebook has won the “social network wars” and shows no clear signs of slowing down. Despite what seems like weekly setbacks, the company still manages to command much of the world’s attention. The control Facebook holds is due in no small part to the “Newsfeed.” The Newsfeed is Facebook’s flagship product, designed to keep you scrolling for hours and engaging with friends, brands, and of course ads. The Newsfeed has grown to become such an integral part of people’s everyday lives that many businesses must rest their livelihood in the hands of Facebook.

But, how does the Newsfeed actually work? TechCrunch’s Josh Constine takes a deep-dive look at how Facebook selects what you’ll see in your stream, in his ultimate guide to the Facebook Newsfeed. Did you know that Facebook judges content based on a formula? Check it out: News Feed Visibility = Creator (interest of users in the creator) x Post (This post’s performance amongst other users) x Type (Type of post like status, photo, link) x Recency (how new the post is). Take a read  through this Newsfeed guide, because even if you consider yourself a Facebook pro, there’s still something to learn as Facebook’s algorithm is always changing. Let us know what you learned from reading the guide!


LinkedIn Brings Back Hashtags

As part of a blog written to highlight what users can do with the LinkedIn app, LinkedIn revealed that hashtags once again work on the professional network. Previously known as LinkedIn Signal, LinkedIn previously allowed the use of hashtags on its site, working as a way to curate content and help users find topics of interest to engage with. The company “killed off” LinkedIn Signal in 2013 and the site hasn’t allowed actionable hashtags since. LinkedIn Pulse began offering content curated by influencers and staff, which helped fill the gap, but now hashtags are back in the mix as well. LinkedIn’s new love for the old social capability seems to show the network’s interest and need to keep up with Twitter and Facebook. Do you think hashtags belong on LinkedIn? Let us know what you think.


Snapchat Cuts Live Story Curators

One of Snapchat’s notable features, which helped the social network rise to the top, is “Stories.” “Stories” are collections of “Snaps” (user generated photos, images/screenshots, or videos) that users post on the platform for friends to view, available for a duration of 24 hours. As part of the “Stories” launch, Snapchat introduced “Live Stories” letting users based in certain geographic areas, like New York City for example, to send snaps to a public story, available to be viewed by everyone in that area. This week, Snapchat announced it would be cutting the curation team from the organization, and would also be removing the “Live Stories” for cities from the service. Bloomberg reports that a source from Snapchat’s team claims the “Live Stories” for cities was falling in popularity, while “Live Stories” based on events like the Super Bowl were still going strong, hence the decision to remove the “Live Story” in cities feature. This comes at a time when Snapchat is busy evaluating its services, leading up to a likely IPO. Are you sad to see “Live Stories” for cities go, or did you lose interest early on? Fill us in.

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