Welcome to Beyond The Hype

Beyond the Hype conveys the opinions, insights and experiences from the senior communications counselors here at Lois Paul & Partners. We will be looking at the ways and means that communications makes an impact on a business and how a PR agency and a client should partner in a strategic way to make that happen.

LP&P is a public relations agency. That includes all aspects of communications — from good old fashioned media relations to the full spectrum of social media tools and practices. Methods and tactics may change, but the basic idea of communicating to the right audience to build better businesses for our clients is something that Lois Paul & Partners has been doing since 1986.

Beyond the Hype is a forum where LP&P professionals deliver insight on strategic communications and its impact on business goals and objectives, as well as on the trends and tools in communications industry. Our goal is to do this in a way that will be easily understood by all levels of business executive and will foster discussions with both agency and client-side executives. And finally, since we are PR people at heart, we want to occasionally showcase our great culture.

Beyond The Hype’s main contributors include:
– Lois Paul
– Bill McLaughlin
– Ted Weismann
– Melissa Zipin
– Don Jennings
– Richard Wadsworth
– Carol Walker
– Suzanne Moran