Grabbing the Spotlight
from an Industry Leader

Grabbing the Spotlight <br/>from an Industry Leader

Optum is the health services and technology arm of UnitedHealth Group, providing health management and analytics solutions to help improve the healthcare system.

The Challenge

Optum needed help launching and promoting its newly-formed Accountable Care Solutions group at a time when every healthcare company was looking to ride the “ACO” wave. At the time, Optum’s major competitor, Aetna, appeared to be leading the market with customer win announcements.

The Solution

The LPP team develop a thought leadership campaign that included:

  • Messaging that moved beyond industry buzzwords, delivering a fresh perspective on how ACOs were actually going to work and proof that today’s ACOs aren’t just another go at capitation from 1990s.
  • Training to equip Optum executives to create a clear and consistent narrative about the Accountable Care Solutions business and its differentiators, and how the future of care delivery would unfold.
  • Compelling points of view (POVs) around key topics like population health, patient adherence and care management, based on interviews with Optum thought leaders; POVs were also distilled into weekly posts on Optum’s industry blog,, driving 60 percent of Optum’s thought leadership coverage.
  • Aggressive media outreach to key healthcare publications.

The Result

After the first six months of the LPP program, Optum’s thought leadership coverage eclipsed Aetna’s by 600 percent. Coverage included: USA Today, New York Times, BusinessWeek, Modern Healthcare, HealthLeaders and many others.


Change, a healthcare client at LPP.

You’ve got six months…“You’ve got six months to save us – otherwise, our doors will close.” That was the challenge LPP accepted. As a relatively young company, Change Healthcare was struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace dominated by a large competitor that was backed by big names in the industry. The company needed to significantly raise its visibility to attract new investors critical to its survival.

Philips a healthcare client at LPP.

Repositioning a Healthcare Leader
as a Technology Innovator
Philips Health Tech businesses (12 of them!) sought to reposition themselves as an innovative provider of health technology solutions and services. The company also wanted to shift its communications strategy from an event-centered approach to a more proactive and sustainable model, while achieving greater consistency across business groups.

Airstrip, a healthcare client at LPP.

Turning an Apple Event
into a PR Windfall
Building on its longstanding relationship with Apple, AirStrip developed a Sense4Baby app for iOS mobile devices—an innovation that Apple chose to spotlight in its major Apple Watch launch event. Learn how LPP helped AirStrip capitalize on this opportunity to gain increased visibility as a healthcare game-changer.

Synap Dx at healthcare client at LPP.

Generating Funding and Credibility
for Autism Diagnostics
As SynapDx prepared for its first large-scale clinical trial, the company needed to increase its corporate profile and awareness to meet several key objectives: drive patient recruitment for the multi-site trial, attract investors and generate awareness and credibility among its core audiences—clinicians, families and the scientific community.