Repositioning a Healthcare Leader
as a Technology Innovator

Repositioning a Healthcare Leader <br/>as a Technology Innovator

Philips Health Tech businesses, €10 billion division of global Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG).

The Challenge

Pigeonholed as a medical device company, Philips Health Tech businesses (12 of them!) sought to reposition itself as an innovative provider of health technology solutions and services. The company also wanted to shift its communications strategy from an event-centered approach to a more proactive and sustainable model, while achieving greater consistency across business groups.

The Solution

We developed a comprehensive, new approach to Philips communications strategy and tactics, including:

  • Developing a storytelling framework that presents Philip’s capabilities, products and expertise in the context of today’s HealthTech businesses market challenges.
  • Gathered compelling points of view (POVs) on key topics, drawn from interviews of 20+ Philips executives. These formed the basis of proactive media pitches for an ongoing thought leadership campaign.
  • Conducted customized storytelling trainings to ensure Philips executives delivered their POVs in a consistent way, with maximum impact.
  • Worked with Philips’ in-house team to build a more compelling and streamlined news pipeline, focusing on stories that resonate effectively with the media.

The Result

In less than six months, the LPP team:

  • Secured consistent coverage of Philips POVs in key media outlets, including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Network World, Boston Business Journal, The Atlantic, and Huffington Post—while maintaining visibility in core trade publications.
  • Secured relationship-building interviews with TIME, S. News and World Report, The Boston Globe, and InformationWeek.
  • Drove the most successful news launch in Philips history, leading media strategy and press release development for the company’s Google Glass initiative—a first-of-its-kind prototype integrating Philips monitoring data with Google Glass for use in the operating room.
  • Helped Philips derive an estimated $40 million in PR value, while solidifying the company’s position as a health technology leader.



Change, a healthcare client at LPP.

You’ve got six months…“You’ve got six months to save us – otherwise, our doors will close.” That was the challenge LPP accepted. As a relatively young company, Change Healthcare was struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace dominated by a large competitor that was backed by big names in the industry. The company needed to significantly raise its visibility to attract new investors critical to its survival.

Airstrip, a healthcare client at LPP.

Turning an Apple Event
into a PR Windfall
Building on its longstanding relationship with Apple, AirStrip developed a Sense4Baby app for iOS mobile devices—an innovation that Apple chose to spotlight in its major Apple Watch launch event. Learn how LPP helped AirStrip capitalize on this opportunity to gain increased visibility as a healthcare game-changer.

Synap Dx at healthcare client at LPP.

Generating Funding and Credibility
for Autism Diagnostics
As SynapDx prepared for its first large-scale clinical trial, the company needed to increase its corporate profile and awareness to meet several key objectives: drive patient recruitment for the multi-site trial, attract investors and generate awareness and credibility among its core audiences—clinicians, families and the scientific community.

Optum, a healthcare client at LPP.

Grabbing the Spotlight
from an Industry Leader
Optum needed help launching and promoting its newly formed Accountable Care Solutions group at a time when everyone was looking to ride the “ACO” wave. At the time, Optum’s major competitor appeared to be leading the market with customer win announcements. Learn how LPP helped achieve coverage that eclipsed the market leader by 600 percent.