Case Study:

Picis – Ready, Set, Acquired

healthcare public relations case studyBoston-area healthcare IT company Picis was fairly well-established among its target hospital audiences when the company looked to LPP to increase visibility to reach its next stage of growth, either through IPO or acquisition. LPP’s first order of business was to refine and uplevel the way the company described itself – which, while it may have resonated with clinicians, was filled with industry buzzwords that were Greek to most investor and business press audiences. Differentiation for Picis was also key. During LPP’s messaging exercise, the Picis marketing team was shocked to find that they were unable to distinguish their messages from a boatload of competitors (and we didn’t even say “I told you so!”).  LPP worked with Picis to tell its story in plain English, keeping it out of “the weeds,” and developed higher level messages that positioned the company in the context of the industry pain points it was solving. LPP also developed compelling points of view from key executives, which drove proactive outreach efforts around key topics including healthcare reform, accountable care and medical necessity. LPP also hammered home these messages through its social media strategy for Picis (after calming their regulatory team with our approach!), which included a thought leadership blog,, and a Picis Twitter feed for which we built a relevant following of Picis customers, prospects, media and analysts. After 18 months of consistent on-message coverage in key outlets like USA Today, Boston Globe, Forbes and Modern Healthcare, Picis was acquired by Optum, the services and technology arm of UnitedHealth Group (and lucky for us, LPP went with them!).

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