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Case Study:

– THINGMAGIC: Social Media in 100 Days or Less

social media case study

When LPP began working with ThingMagic, developer of RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, the market was just beginning to take off.  From access cards to enter buildings to automated toll collection systems to tracking products at Wal-Mart, RFID applications were popping up across a range of markets – and with it came rising completion, RFID naysayers and a crowd of competing voices and often distorted public perceptions. ThingMagic looked to LPP to increase its visibility by promoting the benefits of RFID to industries ranging from healthcare to construction to hospitality, and everything in between. To build a positive perception of all types of RFID (not only ThingMagic products!), and reinforce ThingMagic’s position as a thought leader, LPP launched the “100 uses of RFID” campaign backed by a comprehensive social media strategy including Twitter (#RFID100), YouTube and a dedicated landing page. With a blog post every business day for 100 days describing a unique deployment of RFID, the campaign educated the public about all the ways RFID touches their everyday lives. Coupled with proactive outreach, consistent social media monitoring/responding and customer references, the campaign succeeded on several levels. In business 100 days, LPP generated 32 pieces of original coverage and 20 pieces of syndicated coverage, with the majority of the coverage appearing beyond the core RFID publications. ThingMagic also saw a 40% increase in web visits compared to stats prior to the campaign, 20% increase in blog subscribers, nearly 10,000 blog page views in last 30 days of the program (vs. little to no traffic prior to the program), a 230% increase in Twitter followers, and most significantly, a 16% increase in leads during the months the program was active. Abracadabra!

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