Working at LPP

If you want to work here, be prepared to consume and synthesize complex information and make it exciting. Be prepared to work with some of the sharpest minds in PR. If you looked at our account list you noticed that we’re not selling bubble gum and soda pop here.  We’re talking about products and services that are integral to our existence – technology that helps companies prosper and compete in a global economy, healthcare that is life-changing and life-saving, and clean tech that one could argue is world-saving.

You’ll be the person who knows what’s on the cutting edge, what’s happening next and where the world is going.

Reap the Benefits

Our Health and Welfare benefits are comprehensive and highly competitive, and we cover the lions’ share of the premiums.  We have a 401(k) plan with a company match and a discounted stock purchase program (NYSE: OMC).

We also realize that you have a life. To make sure you enjoy it to its full extent while also giving LPP and our clients your very best, we created a great work environment that offers generous time-off and telecommuting and flexible work options. We encourage you to embrace summer weekends with early office closings and to plan a couple “beach” days to eek out every bit of fun in the sun possible during the short summers (well, short in Boston, not so short in Austin).

We have been so successful at anticipating and mastering what’s next in the worlds of PR, technology, healthcare and clean tech because our people have a thirst for knowledge. And we love to share what we know through all kinds of trainings -- from technology basics to the latest social media tools to Lois’ weekly Writing Desk where she’ll give you a fresh perspective on that pitch you are writing or help you further develop your writing skills. When you join us, we’ll connect you with a mentor who can offer advice, career guidance and perspective to ensure you take the surest route from point A to success.

Work is work and we believe in taking breaks. Whether it’s Wii golf, matching wits with your colleagues at trivia, spreading holiday cheer or grabbing a drink in the neighborhood, we look for ways to bring work time and play time together to enrich your LPP experience.

Bottom line – we’re about collaboration. We push you to think in new ways, to develop and share your opinions and to be creative in the ways you help clients turn up the volume. You will forge fruitful new relationships -- with other LPPers, people in the industry and in the media -- that will shape your professional life today and for many years to come.




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