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Christine Simeone

Executive Vice President

Christine, known to many as ‘cas,’ joined LPP in 1994 to build on the great branding and technology marketing experience she got while at Easel Corporation. Little did she know that the move into PR would uncover a passion for helping technology companies tell their story in plain English. In addition to being a translator, if you will, Christine has counseled clients through the communication of many financial ups and downs and helped them expand their PR programs outside the US.

A conversation with Christine reveals her inner geek. She’ll tell you why cybersecurity fascinates her. She’ll explain that telecom is not just plumbing but the reason we can watch TV, pay bills or work from anywhere on our mobile devices, or why our electrical grid is not much more than chewing gum and string and needs a major infusion of innovation. Whatever the topic, Christine always has an opinion to share -- just be prepared if you engage her in a discussion about the Red Sox, Patriots or Michigan Wolverines.


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