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About Lois Paul and Partners

For over 30 years, Lois Paul and Partners has evolved hard-working and innovative companies into successful market leaders, merger and acquisition targets and IPOs.  

We pride ourselves on our ability to differentiate our clients and reach the right audiences with compelling messaging. We’re always working to develop industry thought leaders with new and exciting points of view. And we love to geek out on complex concepts and technologies, while making sure our clients’ opinions, products and services resonate in their key markets. 

Here’s our commitment to our clients: 


We serve as resources for ongoing strategic communications counsel, backed by a deep bench of experienced, conscientious, strategy-minded pros who see the big picture and are always looking for what’s around the corner.


We are always evolving, bringing clients new ideas and keeping our fingers on the pulse of the traditional and digital media landscape. Our clients reap the benefit of our shared knowledge of communications tools and approaches and the power of collective agency brainpower. 


We “no” clients when we have to. We tell it like it is, and that means that sometimes we challenge clients on objectives, strategies and tactics when we see a better path.  At the same time, we’re experts at plans B and C, and offering alternatives we know will work. 


We will always value our hard-earned credibility with the ever-changing media in the technology and healthcare markets. Our reputation with national and trade media is only as good as the stories we tell, and we take those relationships seriously. 


We partner with our clients, who can all attest to our ability to integrate with their culture and operations and to our unflagging devotion in achieving their business objectives. And, as an extension of our clients’ teams, we have fun doing it! 

















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