Everything we do aligns to your business goals. How do you want to leave your mark on the industry? LPP will help you outline your vision for the future and craft laser-focused communications for all the right audiences. We ensure the messages we create for you are YOURS.


To stand out in a crowd, you need to have a clear, compelling Point of View. Our proprietary POV Program, including our Storytelling Training, ensures your spokespeople break through the noise to drive the discussion. We start by learning your perspective on hot button topics and market issues, then frame your ideas into gripping narratives. We also revisit your POVs regularly to ensure it’s fresh and up-to-date.


Compelling content is the coin of the realm across both earned and paid media. From bylines and blog posts to infographics and video, we know how to create content that develops story angles and ideas. We move beyond industry buzzwords, delivering a fresh perspective and proof that you’re a leader in the industry.

Influencer Relations

LPP recognizes that not all news is credible and relevant. We know the media, analysts, bloggers, shows, and events that matter. And we know how to leverage these relationships to get your story told.

Customer Engagement

Getting others to do the talking for you can be tricky, but it’s invaluable. We gather your customer stories, then we find creative ways to leverage positive feedback beyond a conventional press release, such as media interviews, blog posts, bylines, and more. We know how to work with your customers to make PR a win-win.

Social Media

Our social programs are a key element of our integrated communications strategy. Our level of involvement with your social media is up to you; we can provide high-level strategy and oversight, create content calendars that you run with internally, or provide full-scale management of your social media platforms, soup-to-nuts. Whichever approach you choose, we produce tangible outcomes – not just “likes.”

Crisis Management

Responding appropriately in times of crisis can turn a disaster into an opportunity. LPP works with you to get ahead of the crisis to ensure that your company has control over the narrative. We work with you to ensure you send the right message when it matters most.

Financial Communication

Communicating financial news requires specialized expertise. LPP has extensive experience crafting financial communications that are clear, concise and compliant. We can position your company to get investors’ attention or to prepare for transitions including mergers and acquisitions, sales, IPOs, and more.