effective management

Corporate governance

We ensure effective management and respect for the rights of officers.

Corporate Governance at LPP

The purpose of Corporate Governance is to create tools to support effective management, effective oversight, respect for shareholder rights and transparent communication of the company with the market.

Appreciating the value of the principles of Corporate Governance and their role in strengthening the transparency of listed companies and providing a balance between the interests of all stakeholders of the capital market involved in the functioning of companies, LPP makes reasonable efforts to ensure that these principles are generally used in the daily activities of our Company.

Best practice

The Code of “Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2021” was established on the initiative of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the purpose of the code is to strengthen the transparency of listed companies, improve the quality of communication between companies and investors, as well as strengthen the protection of shareholders’ rights.

Corporate documents

Basic corporate documents, i.e. the Company's Articles of Association, the Regulations of the Board of Directors, the Regulations of the Supervisory Board and the Regulations of the General Meeting of Shareholders.