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CR 10/2017 Annex to the master agreement


Annex to the master agreement

Current report no: 10/2017

Date: 27.02.2017; 16:43


The Management Board of LPP SA informs that on February 27th, 2017 LPP SA and BGŻ BNP Paribas SA  signed an annex to the multi purpose line of credit agreement concluded on 14 April 2004.

Under this annex, the current utilization period of this limit was extended to 30 January 2018.

As per the said agreement, LPP SA benefits from a limit of PLN 330 mln, which may be utilised as:

– overdraft up to PLN 330 mln to be utilised by 30 January 2018,

– letter of credit line up to PLN 330 mln with a 12-month tenor,

– guarantee credit line up to PLN 60 mln with a 12-month tenor.

The total value of all products may not exceed the allocated limit of PLN 330 mln.

The total amount of limit was not changed.

The Issuer makes the above mentioned information public due to the fact that, in its opinion, the value of the agreement meets the criteria for deeming it a significant agreement.


CR 10 2017 – Annex to the master agreement