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CR 37/2015 Annex to the master agreement



Annex to the master agreement

Current report no.: 37/2015

Date: 03.09.2015


The Management Board of LPP SA hereby informs that on 03 September 2015 LPP SA concluded with Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA annexes to the agreements: overdraft agreement (multi-purpose line) and the agreement for issuing of letters of credit (stand by).

By virtue of these annexes, it was determined that:

– the overall limit for the use of particular products in the multi-purpose line amounts to PLN 244 million, where the amount of up to PLN 244 million can be used in the form of loans, up to PLN 244 million in the form of letters of credit, and up to PLN 40 million in the form of guarantee;

– the total limit of letters of credit (stand by) opened in the line for issuing of letters of credit (stand by) amounts to PLN 18 million.

The other contract terms were not changed.


The above quoted contracts were concluded on market basis.

The criterion of declaration of the contracts is that the agreements value exceeded 10% of the equity capital of the LPP SA.


CR 37 2015 – Annex to the master agreement