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CR 39/2015 Appointment of new Management Board member



Appointment of new Management Board member


Current report no: 39/2015

Date: 2015-10-14



The Management Board of LPP SA hereby informs that on 14 October the Supervisory Board of LPP SA appointed new Vice President of LPP SA Management Board – Mr Sławomir Łoboda.

Sławomir Łoboda born in 1965, he is a graduate of the Law Faculty at the University of Gdansk. In 1995, he passed his bar exam and became a legal counsel.

He has been involved in LPP SA since 1997. For many years, as a Managing Partner through the Krzyżagórska Podniesiński Łoboda i wspólnicy spółka cywilna law office, he had been providing legal services to the company. Since 2005, in addition to managing LPP SA legal services, he has been also responsible for the Lease and Investment Departments.

As a Vice-President of the Management Board, Sławomir Łoboda will be responsible for the development of LPP SA, i.e. for acquiring new retail space (Lease Department), for the construction of stores (Investments Department), as well as for the Legal Department.

During his cooperation with LPP SA, he has completed a number of significant projects, including the creation of a franchise network, taking the company public, a merger with Artman SA, the disposal of the Esotiq brand and the development of the company’s chain of stores.

Sławomir Łoboda does not carry on any competitive activity against the Company, he is not a shareholder or a member of any body of any competitive legal person. He is not entered in the Insolvent Debtors Register kept pursuant to the Act on the National Court Register


CR 39 2015 – Appointment of new Management Board member