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Fiscal year 2022

The past year, due to the uncertain socio-economic situation in the world, was associated with a slowdown in many industries. However, our family-owned company from Gdansk did not give up on growth during this time either. It continued to invest in IT and logistics, strengthening its omnichannel approach to business. It also debuted in more markets. All of this brought LPP’s taxes paid to the national coffers to a record high in the 2022/23 fiscal year.

This is another year that confirms the importance of making bold business decisions that are appropriate to changing and difficult market conditions. We were forced to modify our overseas growth strategy and the direction of expansion outside the country. We also faced, among other things, the newly shaping shopping habits of consumers.

Our company’s more than 30 years of experience, combined with an understanding of the need for a flexible approach and a search for solutions that best fit the new circumstances, worked well this time too. As a result, this is another year in which we have been able to make a solid contribution to the domestic economy.

The table below details the amounts of taxes and other tributes paid by LPP in fiscal year 2022/23, that is, in the period 02.2023 to 01.2023.


Taxes paid to the state budget in 2022

Fiscal year



895 713

VAT e-commerce store EU

33 056

Corporate Income Tax – CIT

183 927

CFC tax on foreign controlled entities


Tax on retail sales PSD

53 599

Customs duty

270 662

Personal Income Tax – PIT

35 755

The State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON)

7 143

ZUS total

223 224

Real estate tax

7 466

Tax on means of transport


Total [PLN thousand]

1 710 546

The figures for 2022 are projected. Final figures will be provided in July 2023 after the tax return is filed.


Analysis of data

The total amount of revenue to the state budget from LPP reached a record high of more than PLN 1.7 billion in the 2022/23 fiscal year. This sum consists not only of taxes, but also of all other liabilities for which the company paid funds to the national coffers.

The largest component of liabilities paid during the period was VAT, in connection with which LPP paid almost PLN 896 million. Another significant component was customs duties of more than PLN 270 million.

On the other hand, PLN 223 million went into the national coffers from LPP in the form of Social Security, and nearly PLN 184 million went to CIT. Instead, the retail sales tax paid by LPP exceeded the amount of PLN 53 million.

Other significant sums contributing to the Polish economy were the following paid by LPP: personal income tax (PIT – over PLN 35 million), VAT in connection with transactions in e-commerce stores in the European Union (over PLN 33 million), as well as real estate tax and PFRON (in both cases the amount exceeded PLN 7 million).


Taxes paid to the state budget in 2022 (in thousands PLN).

Chart - Taxes paid to the state budget in 2022/23 (in thousands)