The flagship brand of LPP

Reserved is the flagship brand of LPP – a Polish family company. It was established in Poland in 1998. Since then, it has gained a strong reputation and high recognition in Central and Eastern Europe. Reserved collections are an interpretation of the world’s leading trends, created with attention to the dynamically developing needs of its customers. Reserved, as the leader in Central and Eastern Europe, remains the first-choice brand for people seeking functional and fashionable styling, ideal for both casual contexts and special occasions that require a special treatment.

Reserved stores operate in 25 countries, and the brand’s offer is also available online, reaching customers in 35 markets, including the European Union, Ukraine, the Middle East or Kazakhstan. The brand’s presence is governed by an omnichannel strategy, allowing full access to products regardless of the sales channel. It is supported by an innovative distribution system and the latest technological solutions, including RFID. This allows for precise allocation of goods, in line with the demand of specific locations, and for tailoring the assortment to customers’ preferences.

Reserved has been consistently developing the brand for several years, responding to contemporary climate challenges. It creates fashion with an increasing proportion of collections made from more sustainable materials, characterised, among other things, by a lower carbon footprint than conventional counterparts. At the same time, it is more and more focused on the production process itself, which, with the use of modern solutions, can be successfully carried out using less water and energy.