Media contacts

We like to share information about LPP and our brands, so if you have any questions about us, don't be afraid to ask. We are here to tell the story of us.

If you are looking for information about LPP, please write to:

If you are interested in our company’s financial issues or other issues in the area of investor relations, please write to:

If you have any questions about the collections or products of RESERVED, Cropp, House, MOHITO, SiNSAY or suggestions for cooperation with specific brands, please contact:

ReservedRafał Gruszkiewicz | 48 572 663 728

CroppEwa Wieczorek | 48 519 671 484

HouseAlicja Małejki | 48 572 570 949

MohitoMarceli Zwierzynśki | 48 785 853 093

SinsayMagdalena Szcześniak-Ambroziak | 48 789 805 566