Marek Piechocki

"Although today we already operate in nearly 40 markets, we will always remain a company with Polish roots."

The concepts for our brands were created in Poland, and all strategic decisions are made here. We create all of our collections in the country and pay taxes here. We are a Polish clothing company that remembers its roots, which is reflected in our actions.

We develop our business in an ethical way, because caring for the environment is the basis of our corporate culture. Today, we control our supply chain more tightly and take care of the environment. We continue to create new jobs (currently more than 15,000 in Poland), support the development of our employees and business partners, and invest millions in projects important to the Polish economy.

Polish clothing company with traditions

Today we think of LPP as a family business. Why? Because Polish entrepreneurs Marek Piechocki and Jerzy Lubianiec founded the company with the idea of its longevity and securing its successful operation for generations. Both are keen to ensure that LPP will forever remain a multigenerational Polish company whose growth is possible, among other things. thanks to its cultivated values and determination to preserve the status quo. We put the well-being of the company, responsibility for employees and future generations first, rather than short-term profits.

Today, the most important element of the competitive advantage of economically strong countries is creativity. It is the added value that determines the attractiveness of a product and is the main driver of purchases. For example, the American iPhone is manufactured outside the US, but as much as 2/3rds of its value is made up of design, branding, iOS platform or iStore design, among other things. The same is true of our brand collections – 65% are created in our country.

We deploy this Polish creative thought around the world, promoting our indigenous creativity and driving Polish exports. We make sure that our Polish clothing company remains true to the principles that guided its founders from the very beginning.

We promote Polish creativity around the world

Today, it is no longer only collections that are created here – in Poland – by our talented designers. Also, the new generation of showrooms, such as those in Helsinki and London, are entirely the result of the work of our domestic partners – Polish architects and construction companies.

We also implement proprietary hi-tech projects in all markets where the stores of our Polish clothing company LPP are present, because we are a creative company that focuses on the development of Polish innovation in the world.

Since 2017, we have officially become an ordinary member of the Family Business Association – Family Business Network Poland, an association of thriving family businesses. The association’s overarching idea is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and support those who develop their businesses for future generations while maintaining ethics and family values.

The most important facts about Polish clothing company LPP:

  • LPP owns 5 clothing brands: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay.
  • We sell our collections in nearly 40 countries, where we have online and in-store sales (more than 2,300 showrooms).
  • We create jobs for more than 43,000 people (including more than 24,000 in Poland).
  • In opening more of our brand stores around the world, we have been working with 300 Polish contractors for years. That’s more than 3,500. additional jobs.
  • We create brand concepts in Poland and pay taxes here – in 2023 it was nearly PLN 2.1 billion.
  • We invest 88% of our profits generated between 2021 and 2023 in the economy. We implement innovations and export Polish creative thought, among others. to world capitals: from London to Helsinki to Tel Aviv.
  • In addition to fashion design, we are also developing advanced technologies in IT and logistics.