LPP with decarbonisation plan approved by SBTi

LPP is the first Polish clothing company whose decarbonisation goals have been scientifically verified and approved by the international Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative. The company's commitments include a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in categories that most significantly contribute to its carbon footprint. The certificate obtained by LPP confirms that the company’s assumptions are in line with the Paris Agreement and contribute to the aim of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Sinsay brand debut in Greece

The youngest brand in the LPP Group's portfolio is expanding the availability of Sinsay's stationary offerings to another market. The first store launched on the Greek island of Heraklion, the beginning of strengthening the brand's position in the Southern European region. At the end of the year, the Sinsay offer in Greece is already available in 4 locations.

LPP's first distribution centre outside Poland

LPP Logistics has opened a new 65,000 sq m distribution centre in Romania. This is the second warehouse facility managed by the company in the Romanian market, which has become one of the key regions in terms of LPP's growth potential. The strategic location of the new investment will allow the Group's clothing brands to operate shops in Romania, as well as Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia and Greece.


LPP leaves the Russian market and takes new directions in its business strategy

With the decision to sell the Russian company, as an act of opposition to Russian aggression in Ukraine, LPP changes its business strategy and shifts its development plans from eastern directions to southern and western Europe. In the same year, it opens the first Sinsay brand stores in Italy and announces expansion plans in Greece and the UK. In parallel, it launches online sales in Serbia.

LPP introduces a new logistics operator – LPP Logistics

The new company in the Group’s portfolio is LPP’s response to the growing importance of efficient logistics throughout the supply chain. The newly appointed operator takes over the process of managing LPP’s procurement and distribution network.

Sinsay brand enters Italian market

LPP has successfully debuted in more European markets, launching the first Sinsay brand stationary stores in Italy. This is a continuation of the Polish clothing company's expansion plan in Central and Southern European markets. Customers of the new locations gain access to the brand's full assortment, including fashion collections, cosmetics and home furnishings.

Sinsay app debut

In response to the growing popularity of m-commerce, Sinsay launches its mobile app, becoming one of the most downloaded shopping apps in Poland.


LPP opens stores in North Macedonia and launches online sales in Bulgaria

LPP strengthens its position in South-Eastern Europe – a region offering high growth potential. As a result, it opens its first stationary stores in North Macedonia and launches online sales in Bulgaria.

Silky Coders – a new company in the LPP Group

LPP decides to spin off its existing IT department and establish a separate software house called Silky Coders. From now on, the newly established company constitutes the technological foundation for all five brands of the Group.

Reserved launches mobile application

LPP debuts among the Group brands in the m-commerce sales channel with its first mobile application.


LPP’s transformation into an omnichannel company

The new commercial reality gives rise to far-reaching changes at LPP, setting a new direction to the company’s business strategy for the post-pandemic times. The company’s technological, logistical and sales transformation, including the full integration of the company’s sales channels, ushers in a new business model for LPP as an omnichannel organisation.

Distribution Center in Pruszcz Gdański undergoes modernisation and increases operational capacity

The expansion of the Distribution Center in Pruszcz Gdański reaches completion in 2020. The warehouse gains additional space already reaching a total of 100,000 m2. m2. The facility is thus equipped with, among other things, additional aisles for the MiniLoad automated warehouse and more RFID tunnels.

Semper Simul Foundation acquires controlling interest in LPP

The Semper Simul Foundation, which is the company’s majority shareholder, acquires a controlling stake in LPP, guaranteeing sustainable and stable management of the family-owned company and the implementation of its strategy.


LPP debuts on further markets and strengthens its e-commerce position

Stationary stores of all brands become available to customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Finland. In addition, the company launches online sales in Croatia and Ukraine, and expands its e-commerce operations in Denmark, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Greece through a pan-European store.

The company opens its Fulfillment Center in Romania

Following the strong growth of online sales and development plans in the South East European region, LPP opens a Fulfillment Center-type warehouse near Bucharest.

LPP announces its new Sustainability Strategy

In an effort to reduce its environmental impact, the company adopts the second already LPP Sustainability Strategy “For People For Our Planet”, to be implemented between 2020 and 2025. Its objectives cover 4 key pillars: products and production, chemical safety, plastic management and infrastructure.


Expansion of LPP brands in Slovenia, Israel, and Kazakhstan

The company continues to expand abroad and opens stationary stores of its brands in Slovenia and Kazakhstan and launches the first Reserved stores in franchise model in Israel.

LPP becomes a family company

The founders of the company, in order to ensure its long-term continuity and avoid the fragmentation of LPP capital in the future, decide to establish family foundations and contribute their shares there.


Reserved debuts in the UK and expands e-commerce operations

LPP opens its first Reserved store on Oxford Street in London. The debut of LPP's flagship brand on one of the world's most prestigious shopping streets is another step in the implementation of the global strategy and an important step in the international expansion of the Polish company. In parallel, it launches online sales in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, and the UK.

The company continues its overseas expansion and debuts in Belarus and Serbia

LPP opens Reserved, House and Cropp stores in Belarus, as well as Reserved and Sinsay in Serbia.

LPP establishes cooperation with SGS

In order to increase oversight of factories producing for LPP in Bangladesh, the company decides to partner with SGS – an international auditor – to verify suppliers’ compliance in Bangladesh with the LPP Code of Conduct.


LPP debuts in the United Arab Emirates and continues e-commerce expansion

Reserved strengthens its position in the Middle East and opens its first store in Abu Dhabi. In the same year, the company expands the reach of its online offer to the Hungarian market.

The company opens its 1,000th store in Poland

LPP continues to develop its retail network and opens its 1,000th store in Poland. LPP continues to develop its retail network and opens its 1,000th store in Poland. Stores in the domestic market already account for 60% of the company’s entire stationary network portfolio in terms of the number of stores and over 50% in terms of retail space.

LPP joins the Open Cages agreement

As part of its initiatives to protect animal welfare, LPP joins the Open Cages agreement and abandons the use of natural fur in its brands’ collections. In doing so, it joins the international Fur Free Retailer initiative.


The company debuts in the Middle East, strengthens presence in Germany and expands reach of online offering

The Reserved brand debuts in Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. In the same year, it also opens further stationary stores in Germany, including the largest one in this market – in Stuttgart with an area of as much as 4,000 m2. m2. At the same time, it expands online availability of Resevred to Eastern European markets such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania.

LPP develops its logistics network and expands DC Pruszcz Gdański

In response to the growing demand for additional warehouse space, the company decides to double the area of the Distribution Center in Pruszcz Gdański to 66,000 m2.

Official opening of LPP Representative Office in Bangladesh

LPP is launching the company’s second overseas office in Asia, responsible for coordinating and supervising production in Bangladeshi factories. The office’s tasks include audits of factories fulfilling orders for LPP in terms of production quality, but also safety and working conditions.


LPP opens first Reserved stores in Germany and debuts with full brand portfolio in Croatia

Reserved enters the German market and opens stores in Stuttgart, Hannover and Bremen. In parallel, the company launches stationary sales of all its brands in Zagreb, Croatia.

LPP is promoted to WIG20 index

After only 13 years on the WSE, LPP is promoted to WIG20 index, which generates a significant proportion of turnover on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since August 2014, it has also been listed in the MSCI Poland index.

Reserved launches online sales in first foreign market

As the retail e-commerce market continues to grow and succeed, LPP decides to launch online sales of its flagship Reserved brand in the German market.


LPP portfolio enriched with Sinsay brand

The company establishes another clothing brand. This way, the portfolio gains an addition of a value-for-money fashion range dedicated to teenage girls. The same year, LPP begins to expand the brand in foreign markets – Russia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

The company joins the International ACCORD agreement

LPP is the only Polish clothing company to join ACCORD which seeks to improve safety in garment factories in Bangladesh.


LPP launches e-commerce activities

The company launches online sales and begins processing its first e-commerce orders in Poland.


LPP develops its logistics network and expands DC Pruszcz Gdański

LPP launches its first professional distribution center with an area of 30,500 m2 based on pallet processes, providing deliveries to the stores of brands from LPP portfolio.

House and Mohito – new brands in the company portfolio

As a result of the merger with Artman, the owner of House and Mohito brands, LPP is expanding its portfolio of clothing brands, becoming the largest textile retail network in Poland.

The company debuts on the Bulgarian market

LPP decides to expand its retail network in South-Eastern Europe and opens stores of its brands in Bulgaria.


The company conquers the Romanian market

LPP decides to increase the presence of its brands in Europe and debuts in the south of the continent.


LPP continues foreign expansion of Cropp

Cropp conquers further markets – Russian, Lithuanian, and Czech


Cropp enters foreign markets

The brand opens its first stores in Estonia, Latvia, and Slovakia.


The second brand, Cropp, debuts in the company’s portfolio

On the wave of the success achieved by Reserved, LPP establishes Cropp – a brand created for young consumers who focus on individualism and expressing a unique style.

LPP opens its 100th Reserved store

The company is gradually expanding its retail network, with the 100th Reserved store opening.


LPP opens more stores abroad

The company continues its expansion policy and expands its portfolio of foreign markets to include Lithuania, Ukraine, and Slovakia.


The start of foreign expansion of Reserved

LPP enters its first foreign markets and opens stationary stores in Russia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, and Hungary.


The company debuts on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

LPP enters the Warsaw Stock Exchange in order to raise capital for further intensive development of the company in Poland and abroad. On the day of the first listing, the price of LPP share is PLN 48.


The first Reserved brand stores launched

The owners decide to create an original brand – Reserved – and build their own retail network.


Official opening of the LPP Representative Office in Shanghai

The employees of the first overseas office support the headquarters in cooperation with suppliers and individual stages of production, as well as carry out quality control.


Mistral transforms into LPP

The name of the company is taken from the first letters of the surnames of its founders: Jerzy Lubianiec, Marek Piechocki and Partners.


Marek Piechocki and Jerzy Lubianiec establish Mistral

The partners start a wholesale clothing business.