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Episode #1

Fine feathers make fine birds! Store windows are the showpieces of every store and the statistics are inexorable – we pay less than one second of attention to them each time we pass! That is all it takes to arouse our interest… or not. How does it all work? In a conversation with Marta Ślazinska, window display manager*, you will explore the secrets and strategies for creating effective window displays.

We encourage you to listen (in Polish) to the conversation with Marta.

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Marta Ślazińska

„We are the bridge that connects two cities - sales and image. We always have to be in the middle and combine these two values into one”.


What is key in store window design?

Those responsible for decorating and styling the mannequins have no easy task. Studies show that a customer pays attention to a store window for only 0.4 seconds! The design must combine two aspects: creative and analytical. On the one hand, the design of store windows should reflect and combine the trends of the season and be eye-catching. On the other hand, it must take into account logistical considerations: the transport of the elements or the time needed for the store staff to lay out and style them.

Where do you get inspiration for window design?

It all starts with the creative director’s concept for the season. Based on social, cultural and fashion developments, they prepare a presentation that sets the main style direction. Inspiration for the design of store windows or the styling on mannequins can be found anywhere: in nature, interpersonal contacts, competition analysis, travel, exhibitions, architecture, books or industry websites. Trade fairs are an important element, presenting innovations in furniture, decoration or mannequins.

What does a window display manager do?

The manager’s aim is to ensure that the brand image is showcased in the best possible way in the windows of the brand’s stores in all countries where the brand is present. Together with the team, they make sure that the vision outlined by the art director is reflected in the appearance of the store windows through decorations, mannequins, lighting or styling. They also collaborate with other teams: product preparation, logistics or marketing.

*Currently, Marta Ślazinska is developing her career outside LPP.