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Episode #5

On a daily basis, Przemysław Lutkiewicz, vice-president of the management board is close to the people; you will see him in the corridors of the Gdańsk headquarters. He has been with LPP since 2008 and is responsible for the areas of finance, controlling, internal audit and investor relations. He is a graduate of the Gdynia Maritime University, as well as the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk and of postgraduate studies at the Gdańsk University of Technology. His passion for economics turned out to prevail. As he says, there is no place for routine in his work with finance, but there is always room for unconventional and bold ideas. Get to know the exciting insight into the work for a clothing company from the perspective of a board member!

We encourage you to listen (in Polish) to the conversation with Przemysław.

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Przemysław Lutkiewicz

“What I value most is that I can make decisions, that there is a lot of decision-making involved in my role and in the finance area and that there is no room for cliché, there is no rut, there is always something going on here and I never get bored”.


What does the vice-president responsible for finance and controlling do?

He is responsible for finance, financial controlling, operational controlling, internal audit, supervision of foreign companies from the back office side and observation of market requirements. He is responsible for financial and non-financial reporting. He creates plans and forecasts and plans budgets on the basis of available data, and participates in regular performance conferences.

Why did Przemek Lutkiewicz decide to pursue a career in finance, what does he value most in his work?

Finance, economics, management – these subjects intrigued him during his studies at the Maritime University, so he decided to choose management as a second major. He was interested in the world of finance and the stock market and developed his passion by reading English-language books on economics. According to Przemek, all finance is based on simple mathematics, but the key is to consider as many possibilities and variables as possible. In his work, he appreciates the lack of routine and high-level decision-making.

How do the LPP board members cooperate?

Management board meetings are held every week, during which its members present the most important information from their areas and make decisions. Przemek Lutkiewicz discusses the financial results and profitability of the businesses, Jacek Kujawa discusses topics related to logistics, Sławek Łoboda discusses lease issues, and Marek Piechocki discusses information on all LPP brands. In exceptional situations, such as during the pandemic, such meetings are held more frequently. Board members often have lunch together in the company’s canteen, and use this time to talk about current issues.