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Episode #4

A photoshoot producer is like the conductor of an orchestra – they set the rhythm and direction to the whole creative idea, taking care of every single element of set design and styling. This profession does not lack a pinch of adrenaline or interesting challenges (after all, how often do you have the opportunity to work in a vintage train depot? 😉 ). The career path can be just as exciting – Jaśmina Sołtysiak, a producer at Sinsay brand, knows all about it! Her golden rule? You don’t hide your ideas in a drawer – you put them into practice!

We encourage you to listen (in Polish) to the conversation with Jaśmina.

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Jaśmina Sołtysiak

“My key advice is to be loud, visible (...). It’s sad how many untapped ideas have gone by the wayside because someone found they were afraid to speak up about them”.


What does a photoshoot producer do?

The producer’s main role is to fully organise the photoshoot, from establishing the idea with the brand’s art director to submitting materials for publication or print. This includes liaising with the team (stylists, photographers) as well as the product preparation department, looking for locations, purchasing the necessary elements and booking models. The person in this position is responsible for a large part of a brand’s image.

How did Jaśmina’s adventure with Sinsay begin?

She was first an intern and then a department assistant. She was not afraid of new challenges and was open about her ideas. She started by taking flat lay product photos, then ran a “sinsay haul” series on Snapchat and then on the brand’s Instagram. The new product review stories she created were viewed by up to 100,000 observers!

What is the process of preparing a photoshoot like?

It all starts with the presentation of the seasonal collection, gathering information about it and creating a production schedule. After a team brainstorming session, a brief and a moodboard – an inspiration board – are created, setting the style for the shoot. All the findings need to be communicated to the team, the models need to be booked and the elements needed for the shoot ordered. The entire preparation takes three weeks, and in the case of large seasonal shoots, even two or three months.

*Currently, Jaśmina works as a content production support leader for the Sinsay brand.