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Episode #2

Without fashion buyers there would be… no fashion! They are the ones who plan the offer and bring the freshest trends at the right time! What does their job really look like? Exciting journeys, inspiring brainstorming sessions, negotiations with suppliers – this profession comes with many challenges and even a pinch of adrenaline! In an interview with Piotr Urban, junior fashion buyer at Cropp brand, you will get a sneak peek behind the scenes of his profession.

We encourage you to listen (in Polish) to the conversation with Piotr.

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Piotr Urban

„Together with our suppliers, we are business partners, and we really have one goal: to grow our respective companies”.


Who is a fashion buyer?

A fashion buyer plans the product range and participates in the creation of the collection in the brand’s product preparation department. Their task is to acquire products in line with customer expectations at the right price and at the right time, which involves negotiating with suppliers. Each buyer at LPP deals with a different assortment, and this division is based on the method and country of production.

What is business travel like in this position?

Travel is an important part of this work. These are mainly trips to the factories where the range is produced. Buyers spend time with suppliers, establish relationships, gather information on how the garments are produced and verify standards in the factories. Although the trips are filled with meetings, buyers have time to learn about the culture of a country. A special type of trips are the inspirational ones, during which buyers visit trade fairs.

What skills should a fashion buyer have?

English language skills and communication skills, which are essential during sales negotiations, are crucial. The buyer should be able to draw conclusions from sales reports in order to best understand customer expectations. As you progress in this position, you will gain more and more knowledge of products and prices, which will allow you to make accurate purchasing decisions.

*Currently, Piotr works as a product manager at the Cropp brand.