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Episode #6

The designer’s vision is a crucial starting point, but there are many stages to getting this vision on the hangers in stores and in our wardrobes. The first stage in producing a finished model is to create a construction and determine the dimensions – and this is the task of the clothing constructors. Meticulousness, accuracy, and an excellent knowledge of fabrics… What else should characterise someone in this position? To find out, listen to Monika Bloch, a senior clothing designer at Mohito.

We encourage you to listen (in Polish) to the conversation with Monika.

Monika Bloch

„We actually have many control stages for any given garment. All this is to ensure that what ultimately goes to the customers is of really good quality”.


Who is a clothing constructor?

A constructor is someone responsible for creating templates and grading for a given item of clothing, preparation of the technical-technological documentation, and providing comments on the stitching at the various stages of production. The constructor works with the fashion designers and fashion buyers, ensuring that the brand’s products meet the requirements regarding sewing quality, sizes, comfort, and fit. At Mohito, constructors deal with various product ranges, making it easy for them to replace each other and helping to keep the work interesting.

What does the work on creating an appropriate construction for a given garment involve?

The constructors analyse the projects prepared by the designers, develop patterns using computer systems, and then print them on a plotter. Based on the prints, the tailors sew the initial pieces of clothing, which are then fitted on a mannequin. Each of them is commented on by the constructor, buyer, and designer. The stage of commenting and sewing is repeated until the clothing meets the expectations of the team. The constructor prepares the grading of the sizes and, along with the full technical-technological documentation, sends them to the supplier. The first sample of the product, sewn by the supplier, is then fitted on a model, and the team verifies the accuracy of the execution.

What are sewing patterns?

Sewing patterns are cutting layouts, which are created by the clothing constructor using computer software: front, back, sleeves. They are printed on a plotter, a special large printer. The templates are given to the tailors to create a specific model based on them, and then after their approval they are sent to the clothing manufacturer.

*Monika Bloch is currently working as a construction coordinator at Mohito.