Every year our designers create thousands of designs in line with the latest fashion trends because we are passionate people who listen to the needs of their customers. It is for them that we exist and create

LPP, a Polish clothing manufacturer, manages five recognisable brands: Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp, and Sinsay. Each of them is directed to a different group of customers representing a different lifestyle, having a different way of expressing themselves and different needs. We created all brands with a view to helping others express their emotions and fulfill their dreams through the way they look.

LPP SA – Marki – Reserved – logo Reserved is a brand whose collections reflect the latest trends, combining classic designs with original and hot fashion propositions. It draws inspiration from the multiculturalism of the great metropolises of Europe and America, but also from the everyday urban realities of Tokyo or Seoul. The brand’s offer includes women’s, men’s and children’s lines. The collections also include unisex clothing and a wide range of maternity wear. Reserved offers diverse collections reflecting the latest trends, minimalist collections and premium of excellent quality. In creating the collections, the brand puts a lot of effort into testing new solutions in the field of sustainable fashion and successively increases the share of eco-friendly models from Eco Aware line in its collections.
LPP SA – Marki – Cropp – Logo Cropp is part of streetwear fashion. The brand’s extensive collections for men and women, complemented by a wide range of shoes and modern accessories, help the customers to create their own style. With that base, they can express emotions and push boundaries. Cropp draws inspiration from contemporary culture and music, creatively mixing these areas in designs with fashion straight from the world’s catwalks. Cropp's customers are people who follow the latest trends but do not do that blindly, focusing on individuality and expressing a unique style.
House offers a creative space for young people who want their looks to highlight their personality and mood, and who see experimenting with fashion as a way to express their emotions. The brand proposal features interesting combinations of the latest trends with casual style. It also inspires courage, playing with styles and consciously shaping one’s own image. For House, it is key to listen to the needs of its target audience and observe their environment; their interests, hobbies, plans and dreams. Knowing this world enables the brand to be attuned to their expectations and adapt to the dynamic pace of their lives, creating fashion-forward yet casual everyday looks for her and him.
LPP SA – Marki – Mohito – Logo Mohito is a proposal for women who love fashion and appreciate unique urban elegance. Relaxed, confident, sensual, life-loving – these are the attributes that Mohito designers associate with the brand’s customers. Mohito closely follows global trends, with the design process reflecting the balance between fashion inspirations and comfort and functionality so coveted nowadays. Mohito collections offer classic and modern cuts, a rich colour palette, original prints and trendy patterns.
LPP SA – Marki – Sinsay – Logo Sinsay is all about trendsetting at attractive prices. The diversity of the brand’s collections allows for creative freedom in putting together fashionable looks for any occasion. Sinsay provides a wide range of products at low prices, available to customers every day. It designs fashion lines that are a daily source of inspiration for teenage girls and women, as well as men who prefer a casual urban style. The brand’s proposals also include comfortable and functional clothes for mums, as well as products and accessories for children. Sinsay’s offer is complemented by home decor and a line of make-up and skincare products.