What does the omnichannel area do?

The Omnichannel areas are responsible for managing stationary stores, creating shopwindow standards, allocating goods and sales analysis, etc. It is in this department of the LPP Head Office that anyone who began their careers in shops often work.

Find out about the specifics of working in our omnichannel sales departments.

E-commerce sales

E-commerce sales is a key area in our omnichannel strategy. It is responsible for developing and monitoring the performance of our online shops in Poland and abroad.

Regional structures

The regional structures at LPP include field employees such as regional sales managers, regional visual merchandisers and regional HR specialists. They are the glue between the showrooms and the head office.

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Sales support

Sales support deals with analyzing the market, predicting its behavior and making important business decisions.

Job offers in omnichannel sales

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