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LPP S.A. Press room Autumn 2021 Reserved Athleisure – a collection inspired by sporty endorphins

Autumn 2021 Reserved Athleisure – a collection inspired by sporty endorphins


The Athleisure trend has reached a new level. It is not only about outfits suitable for spending time at home or on light exercise, but a comprehensive approach dictated by the huge changes in the world. Versatile, comfortable and perfect for those who live for the here and now, seizing the day in the city or while camping – this style is here to stay for some time.

The latest collection was inspired by extreme sports, which supply the human system with not just adrenalin but also endorphins, commonly referred to as feel-good hormones. At this time we are in great need of happiness and positive emotions to combat the various emotions that are bottling up inside us. Activities, whether dynamic or restful, as well as contact with nature are intertwined themes in the autumn capsule. It contains a little nomadic lifestyle, a hint of well-defined sports, and some trends straight from the fashion shows. This wardrobe was created with mobility in mind and to avoid taking multiple items along with you. All this thanks to functional water- and wind-proof designs that can be worn in various ways, ready for you to face many activities. In the context of the mobile home concept, they are also light and portable. Just the right size to fit inside a backpack, ready to be taken on an exciting journey.

The Reserved Athleisure collection features bold, distinct hues, such as energetic fuchsia, lily, deep violet, cobalt and steel green, broken up by shades of grey and black. The classic sweatsuit is matched with a variety of comfortable outerwear – from jackets with colour block panels, through long tanktops, to waterproof hooded raincoats. There is no shortage of easy to wear knitted dresses and basics such as long sleeve shirts, leggings, bicycle shorts or bodysuits. The whole collection, as expected, was made in accordance with the mix and match convention, allowing individual elements to be combined freely. It is also very practical: with the perfectly fitting garments made with the use of seamless technology while providing resistance to the changing weather, good visibility in the dark thanks to reflective elements and such exceptional versatility that a long padded vest can be turned into a sleeping bag or, after the bottom is unbuttoned, into a backpack. All those in steel green have a waterproof finish, whereas the parka can be unbuttoned and spread over grass like a blanket. The wind resistant models were inspired by the outerwear of parachute jumpers (suits) and motorcyclists (trousers). An interesting and practical solution sewn into polo necks and dresses are reflective zipper sliders.

Cuts and details are up-to-date with current trends: round cut-outs on the sides, sewn on pockets, cut-outs with snap fasteners, various textures of fabric including ribbed, frotte, and an original wavy pattern repeated consistently on a strap dress or on the lining of the long vest.

The collection is based on the use of #EcoAware materials such as recycled polyester and recycled polyamide. They are also ideal for sportswear because of the considerable elasticity and thermal comfort during exercise sessions, all while allowing the collection to be made with a reduced amount of non-renewable resources. Both materials are recovered from waste such as PET bottles, other post-consumer resources or even fishing nets. The collection features not only items made of organic cotton but also Sorona®, which is a fully biodegradable polymer fibre made from renewable materials. The fibre is 37% corn sugar based whereas the manufacturing process itself makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption by as much as 30%, and the emission of greenhouse gasses by about 63%.

The author of the promotional session is Dorota Szulc.

The collection has been available at since 5 August 2021.


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