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Blanca Miró x Reserved


Blanca Miró x Reserved is a unique project that was made public on 28 October. The joint collection is the quintessence of the Spanish talent’s style. It is eclectic, with clear references to the vintage aesthetics, but also drawing on the universal classic fashion.

The slogan from which it all started was: ‘Blanca’s dream vintage wardrobe’ meaning the ideal vintage wardrobe, full of most beautiful and precious treasures. Here, vintage has been filtered through modernity with respect to the concept, quality and functionality. The collection is united with the past by the clear, warm palette of colours. Everything was redesigned anew; it is universal, multi-functional and allows for styling in a majority of ways to create unexpected combinations. Two concepts merge here: the more facetious one, with a sense of humour and lightness and the elegant one.

– My appetite for vintage was whetted when I discovered my grandma’s and my mom’s wardrobe. I was sixteen years’ old then. Not a single day passed without me nicking something from there. At the beginning I wore their clothes, but I remember the day when I received my first pay. I went to a vintage boutique and spent all of it! – Blanca recollects.

The collection comprises thirty-eight models of outfits and accessories in saturated, energetic patterns and colours, original fashions and replete with surprising details. The capsule also shows Blanca’s style journey: from childhood to today. During meetings with designers, Blanca recollected how she became bolder in her fashion choices in order to work out a style that has been inspiring for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

– Since the very first moment, I have felt that the people from the Reserved team really loved my universe. The feeling that we get on well was greatly important for me – but I also needed freedom to create. The process lasted for a long time, but every stage of it was worth the final effect. I learnt a lot and I am very proud of the end result – says Blanca.

The Blanca Miró x Reserved capsule will diversify the autumn with colourful outer wear, patterned sets that a joy to the eye, velvet and corduroy suits and a selection of original fabrics. They are accompanied by a quilted turquoise jacket with a large collar, slightly shiny and inspired by elegant skiing outfits. The sets include, among others, an intense blue oversize velveteen jacket with a mini skirt, a three-piece corduroy suit with a vest and Blanca’s favourite pink chequered suit with black velveteen details which she calls ‘siren-like’ on account of the characteristic skirt cut. Knitwear elements are turtle-necks and polo sweaters, decorated cardigans and a large poncho – one of the trademarks of the collection’s co-designer.

The patterns additionally highlight the eclectic nature of the proposals: a patchwork motif in various sizes and colour versions, a floral pattern in bronze and blue colours, various types of chequered patterns and stripes in colourful, optimistic compositions. Furthermore, there are geometric appliqués and rhythmical patchwork made of suede hexagons. There is also space for classic elements: white and blue pinstripes and a rhombus motif.

The vintage clothes that were the inspiration for the collection often stand out by their sophisticated details. That is why the collection is full of eye-catching details. For example roses – they have
the form of specially cast sweater buttons, manually modelled lace flowers around the décolleté of the lace top, embroidered on the cardigan or in the form of an enamel brooch. The outer wear is decorated with contrasting leather panels or a velvet trim. A pleated decorative insert at the back of the corduroy jacket, leather buttons, buckles or cuff links are all attention-grabbers.

The accessories supplement Blanca’s ideal wardrobe. They include a silk scarf produced in Milanówek, a winter cap, tights with a rose motif, a brooch in the shape of a rose, a two-colour chamois belt, a patchwork bag and two pairs of leather boots.

Blanca Miró x Reserved is available in selected stores and on-line.


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