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LPP S.A. Press room Fashion designs by the winners of the Responsible Fashion Awards competition showcased in Reserved store windows

Fashion designs by the winners of the Responsible Fashion Awards competition showcased in Reserved store windows


The best designs of the winners of this year’s edition of the Responsible Fashion Awards competition were displayed in Reserved store windows in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Łódź, Cracow, and London. In this way, LPP decided to honour the pro-ethical and pro-ecological activities of the young generation of designers, which, in the opinion of the Polish clothing company, deserve wider promotion and popularisation among the brand’s customers.

LPP is pursuing further goals of its sustainable development strategy announced in 2019, one of the important elements of which is to increase the share of Eco Aware collections in all the group’s brands. Today, one in four garments is already a more environmentally friendly product, and in the flagship Reserved it is almost 40% of the collection. Alongside the announcement of the strategy, LPP partnered the Responsible Fashion Awards competition organised by the International School of Costume and Fashion Design. The main objective is to promote pro-ethical and eco-friendly solutions in the fashion industry and to support budding designers working with sustainable principles in mind. The competition also provides a platform for the exchange of experiences regarding corporate social responsibility, ethics and ecology, which constitute the greatest challenges of the fashion world today.

The competition is aimed at both professional designers and enthusiasts who are not professionally involved in the fashion and design industry. In the first stage of the competition, participants prepared sketches of collections that were ultimately made from environmentally friendly materials provided by LPP. The jury then selected the 10 best designs. The winner of the competition received materials for sewing a full collection consisting of 6 silhouettes and a financial prize of PLN 10,000.

In the last edition, for the first time in the history of the contest, the prize was a photo shoot of all designs that made it through to the final in the Reserved photo studio in Pruszcz Gdański, and their display in the brand’s store windows.

We are pleased to give the winners the opportunity to take over the window displays of our key stores, including the prestigious one on Oxford Street in London. Environmentally friendly fashion is one of the determinants of Reserved brand development. Today, nearly 40% of the clothes in our collection sold already come from the Eco Aware line. We naturally support ecological and ethical practices in the industry, so also the winners of the Responsible Fashion Awards. The high level of this year’s edition and the awarded designs are in line with the brand’s image – says Agata Sawicka, Brand Communication Director Reserved.

Dominik Żyża, zwycięzca konkursu.

This year’s winner was Dominik Żyża, a clothing design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. The “Mycophyta-future of fashion” collection is inspired by fungi, which for the designer are one of the most ecological materials available on the market. The creator’s designs may be viewed from 23 November, for a fortnight, at the store on Oxford Street, London.

The professional photo shoot of the silhouettes and the opportunity to present them in the Reserved store in London is an extraordinary chance for me to show my work to a wider audience both in Poland and abroad. For a young clothing designer to present their work with the help of a big company like LPP is a huge achievement that I am very happy about. I hope that such an important cooperation will bring many benefits and further significant designs – notes Dominik Żyża.

The designs of the other finalists will be displayed in the store windows of the largest Polish Reserved stores from 3 to 14 November. In Galeria Bałtycka in Gdańsk, the silhouettes of Aleksandra Dzwonkowska and Joanna Zontek are presented, in Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw – Gabriela Kozula and Julia Masłosz, in Galeria Bonarka in Cracow – Alicja Bogusz, Małgorzata Dzierżęga and Dorota Gąsiorowska-Skrzypek, and in Manufaktura in Łódź – Maria Horbenko and Monika Łuczak. Reserved Visual Communication team is responsible for the photo shoot, as well as the design and implementation of all the store windows.

We wanted our communication to go beyond #DISCOVERLPP social media, so store windows were a no-brainer. I’m convinced that the unique, diverse silhouettes created by the participants will catch the attention of our customers and encourage them to follow the awarded designers and their future endeavours – emphasizes Karolina Czajewska, employer branding specialist and project coordinator, LPP.


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