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On 28 June the finale of the Zero wasteproject carried out by LPP in cooperation with School of Form took place. Students participated in classes where under the watchful eye of the Head Designers of the Reserved brand they designed, sewed and presented 14 silhouettes. The project aimed at raising awareness of the young artist as regards the issues of sustainable development in fashion and education focused on team work skills.

The series of meetings commenced with a presentation by the Head Designers of Reserved who told the students about the nature of the work in the Product Preparation Department of a big clothing company: about the duration and specificity of the process of preparing the collection, the people involved in the execution, the key skills a person working in the capacity of a designer needs to have. The participants discussed the issues of CSR in the fashion industry with the CSR Coordinator at LPP and brainstormed the possible solutions in the area of fashion which could address the global problems relating to environment and climate protection.

During the first session the students, divided into four groups, created moodboards as inspiration to create a collection in the spirit of the “zero waste” philosophy.

They could use over 100 pieces of samples and rolls of materials which had not been so far used in the process of creating collections of Reserved and Cropp brands. It was out of those materials that they were supposed to create their own designs in line with the “zero waste”. Throughout the creative process they had the chance to consult the Designers.

The last project meeting took place on 28 June. The students presented the effects of their work, taking into account the design documentation and presentation on the model. The Reserved designers evaluated the silhouettes in terms of creativity, the ability to make a good use of the materials available, design in the spirit of the “zero waste” concept, precision of workmanship and cohesion of the collections created. During the finale the Company representatives announced the author of the best work who was invited to an internship in LPP. The distinction was awarded to Patrycja Kolinka who designed and sewed streetwear style trousers and coat. Her designs demonstrated a skilful use of numerous materials and textures, meticulous finishing and utility factor. The Reserved Head Designers appreciated her work, communication skills, her commitment and the manner of presenting the design.

The classes were coordinated by Michiel Keuper, lecturer at School of Form, fashion, costume and set designer: “I think that the Zero Waste project was an excellent opportunity for the students to work alongside fashion designers. The experience allowed them to gain a solid understanding of the real world of fashion and to receive feedback as regards their work and designs by external professionals”.


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